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A wide range of products for fastening electrical cables and conduits, designed for high productivity and ease-of-use

Light-duty channel system (MM)
Light-duty channel system for the installation of electrical applications
Medium-duty channel system (MQ)
Medium-duty channel systems for a wide range of electrical applications Designed specifically for greater flexibility and ease-of-use
Medium-duty channel system (MR)
Modular support systems for a wide range of electrical applications from low to high voltage. Designed specifically for robustness, simplicity and high load capacity – both indoors and outdoors
Heavy-duty channel system (MIQ)
Heavy-duty channel system with integrated MQ profile for easier electrical installations
Heavy-duty channel system (MI)
Hilti's strongest heavy-duty channel system, designed to save time and increase productivity in electrical installations
High voltage cables components
Modular support systems and components for high-voltage cables Designed specifically for robustness, simplicity and high load capacity
Standard hardware for electrical supports
Standard parts for assembling modular support structures for electrical installations in any dry or corrosive environment
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