Take the guesswork out of baseplate design

Baseplate design can be a time-consuming process, involving modelling complex connection configurations and performing several hand calculations. Our anchor design software, PROFIS Engineering Suite offers built-in templates for simple and complex configurations.

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A new way of designing baseplates

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When fastening anchors to baseplates it’s important to carefully consider:

  • Applied forces – including seismic and fatigue
  • Rigidity of the baseplates
  • Legal regulations
  • Base material – whether it’s masonry, cracked concrete or non-cracked concrete
  • Distance to edges and spacing
  • Welds and Stiffeners 

For baseplate designs, PROFIS Engineering Suite offers an advanced baseplate module which simplifies the manual process and workflow. Taking all the important aspects into consideration, you can design the entire steel to concrete connection more quickly and safely, including baseplate, anchors, welds, stiffeners and the concrete stresses. And once the project is completed, you can simply generate a customized code-compliant report.



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PROFIS Enineering Standard and PROFIS Engineering Premium are

  • Compliant with EN 1992-4 
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Reduce design time

PROFIS Engineering Premium reduces design time

  • Thanks to the load generation engine and 
  • By combining anchor and baseplate calculations  
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Improved accuracy

PROFIS Engineering Premium reduces errors with

  • Automatic load transfers
  • Simultaneous multiple load combination processing and 
  • BIM/CAD model generation
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Increase efficiency

PROFIS Engineering Premium accesses up-to-date design files and reports with

  • Integrated data sharing 
  • In a single platform

All-in-one anchor design software package

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Comprehensive calculating

  • Anchor in concrete and masonry
  •  Easily complete your entire baseplate connection in one simple software.
  • Availability of easy-to-use design templates
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Cloud-based platform

  • Keep stakeholders connected and data up to date
  • Access your designs from any device in any location, even on the go.
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Compatible integration

  • Easily transfer data from structural software such as ETABS, ROBOT, DLUBAL and RISA, to import multiple load combinations
  • Quick exporting to modelling software plugins such as TEKLA, to create and manage 3D structural models in concrete or steel without complications or re-work.
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