Baseplate design and installation

Faster and safer solutions for your connections

From steel skeletons and staircases to handrails and outdoor seating – speed up design and installation of your baseplates without compromising on quality and safety.

With our hardware, software and service solutions, you’ll also help reduce the risk of costly rework and lengthy inspections while enjoying expert support in finding the right solution – no matter how complex the job.

Anchoring solutions for typical baseplate applications


Save time on design

Design steel-to-concrete and steel-to masonry connections as a whole

Baseplate design can be difficult and time-consuming. It takes place at the intersection of steel, anchor, and base material design and all relevant guidelines have to be considered. At the same time, nonlinear behavior and rigidity of the structure have to be taken into account. However, with the Hilti PROFIS Engineering Suite you can design a complete baseplate up to five time faster than using traditional methods. Optimizing connections up front can also help you cut material costs and reduce installation time on the jobsite.

With PROFIS, you can also design complete handrail connections for platforms, balconies and staircases in minutes.

Improve baseplate positioning

Boost layout accuracy and avoid time-consuming rebar hits

Hidden rebar is the enemy of baseplate applications. Reduce the risk of structural damage and last-minute design changes by carrying out a detailed structural analysis of your base material with a concrete scanner such as the PS 300 Ferroscan. For accurate baseplate layout that helps prevent fastener failure, use rotating lasers and total stations. Requiring minimal training thanks to intuitive software, our layout tools also turn layout into a one-person job, helping to bring down your labor costs.

Clean while you drill

Faster workflows with automatic hole cleaning

Speed up drilling with powerful cordless SDS-plus rotary hammers.

For even greater productivity, use Hilti anchors that don't require extra hole cleaning. Or select anchoring solutions that are approved for automatic cleaning of drilled holes using a hollow drill bit and an approved Hilti vacuum cleaner.

Working with heavily reinforced concrete? Try a diamond drill.

Set anchors faster

Speed up workflows with mortar dispensers and setting tools

Working with chemical anchors? Set your anchor faster and cut mortar usage by up to 20% thanks to highly accurate dosing when you use our HDE 500-A22 mortar dispenser to inject an adhesive anchor like HIT-HY 200-A. Then simply place a HIT-Z anchor rod – approved for use without hole cleaning. 

For rapid setting of stud anchors, use our SDS plus rotary hammers with a dedicated setting tool for HST and HSA anchors.