How Hilti detection systems are used around the world

At Hilti, we contribute to some of the most awe-inspiring feats of engineering around the world. It is, however, not just our tools which play their part. An in-house corps of engineers and specialists provide complex jobsites with a wealth of problem-solving know-how. 

If you are dealing with a tricky jobsite, a quick call to your Hilti Account Manager could save you from delays or having to hire a specialist sub-contractor.

The two real-world examples below are case-in-point: on a live, large jobsite, the contractor needed to map out the embedded objects within concrete. Calling the local Hilti team instead of a sub-contractor kept the job running. Although completely different in scale, location and construction system, both case studies show how a single, powerful tool can prevent simple errors from holding up the entire project.

Rebar imaging at EAGLE HOUSE in LONDON, England

How our Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Detection tool helped to find rebar and tendon in a massive residential development project in London – saving time and the need for destructive drilling.

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After accidentally drilling dangerously close to embedded tendons, the PS 1000 X-Scan detection system was used to non-destructively test their structural integrity.

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These references showcase the versatility and simplicity of Hilti concrete scanners, but nothing beats seeing them in action for yourself. Contact your Account Manager or local Hilti Store to arrange a hands-on demonstration.