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Features & Applications

Screw guide ST-SG 5.5 #407521
  • Greater convenience as screws can be driven using only one-hand
  • Greatly reduced risk of scratching the outside skin of the sandwich panel, optimum compression of the washer
  • Help to avoid dents in the outside skin of the sandwich panel for better aesthetics
  • Less risk of the screw point skidding across the surface causing scratches
  • Higher productivity and greater convenience, very easy to use
  • Driving long composite panel screws (5.5 and 6.5 mm diameter) on steel structures
  • Driving screws using the ST 1800/ST 1800-A screwdriver
  • Fastening sandwich panels to steel substructures
  • Sandwich panel screw guide for 5.5 mm diameter sandwich panel screws

Technical Data

Screw guide ST-SG 5.5 #407521

Documents & Videos

Screw guide ST-SG 5.5 #407521

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