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Features & Applications

Dust removal system SJD 6-A DRS box #2133684
  • Upgraded manoeuvrability – on-board, hose-free sawdust removal, giving you better control while cutting with jig saws
  • Outsized performance – sawdust removal rates comparable to those of full-size vacuum cleaners
  • Automatic activation – dust suction starts as soon as you start the jig saw
  • Cleaner, safer workplace – fine wood dust is collected before it can become airborne
  • Minimising airborne dust while cutting wood or plasterboard to size
  • Interior finishing – collecting sawdust while trimming internal cladding
  • Outdoor wood cutting – virtually dust-free cutting where no power outlet is available

Technical Data

Dust removal system SJD 6-A DRS box #2133684

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