Pick-up from terminals

What is the pick-up terminal

The terminal for self transportation is the terminal/branch of the transport companies DPD and Energia, with which Hilti Russia cooperates. Now you can pick up your purchases and the repaired instrument, as well as take the equipment to the service, without waiting for the courier.

Pick-up terminals work in 106 cities of Russia. Terminals in a particular city can be seen on the map in the Contacts section. Simply enter the city name in the search box.

How to receive an order and/or a repaired instrument:

  • To make an order through the department for work with clients by phone 8 (800) 700-52-52
  • Pay for the order
  • With the help of the customer service department of Hilti, the shipment to the terminal for pick-up

What documents do you need to have with you to receive the order:

  • For legal entities: it is necessary to provide the original power of attorney for the right to receive cargo, or to carry the seal of the organization.
  • For private persons: it is necessary to have a passport with you.

How to pass a tool to a service

  • Call the customer service department of Hilti - your service request will be registered and a unique order number for repair will be assigned to it. Write it down.
  • Choose the convenient terminal for you to pick up on the map (see the section "Contacts", the tab "Hilti Centers and Terminals for self-delivery"
  • Bring the instrument to the selected self-extracting terminal and inform that you need to send the instrument to Hilti.
  • Receive a coupon from the terminal employee and fill it* by writing the previously received repair order number in the corresponding field of the coupon.
  • Attach a ticket to the instrument and hand it to the employee of the self-extracting terminal. One copy of the coupon will be returned to you.
  • When making an order for repairs, the customer must write down his number and the city of the service center to which the instrument is to be sent.
  • When transferring the instrument to the terminal employee, you must tell the city where you need to send the instrument to the Hilti service center.

*Attention! The correctness of filling the coupon directly depends on the speed of its processing. Please note that:

  • The form is filled in for each instrument, even if you simultaneously take out several pieces of equipment.
  • The battery technology, heavy diamond technology are kits, so the forms must be completed for each component of the kit.

For example, a screwdriver with a battery and a charger is 3 components

IMPORTANT: When accepting goods from both legal entities and individuals, DPD employees have the right to check the contents of the shipment, and then to assist in subsequent packaging

What documents do you need to have with you to hand over the instrument

1. For senders - legal entities:

  • Identity document, indicated in the power of attorney
  • The power of attorney from the company on the person who is the representative of the company for delivery/reception of cargo with a seal

2. For senders - Individual Entrepreneurs:

  • Identity document
  • Certificate of OGRN - original or certified copy

3. For senders-individuals:

  • Identity document (passport of a Russian citizen, passport, military ticket, certificate of a member of the Federation Council or a State Duma deputy, national passport or identity card with a "Visa" insert issued by the relevant authority, certificate of registration at the place of residence or stay (for foreigners and persons without citizenship), a residence permit issued by the bodies of internal affairs to foreign citizens)

How to check the status of an order or service request

In both cases, you will receive SMS-alerts about the status.

Examples of SMS:

DPD company

Order 09010000MOW * 284512817 is ready for issue from the terminal N. www.dpd.ru, +7 (800) 5554585, where:

  • The first number in sms is a DPD waybill,
  • The second number in sms is the Hilti bill number.

Also information about the status of the order can be obtained on the DPD website by entering your order number in the "Tracking" window.

TK Energy

 "Dear customer, waybill No. ___, delivery / invoice No. ___ was sent to the terminal of Energia company. Details you can specify on the site http://nrg-tk.ru/client/tracking.html. You will be notified of the arrival of the delivery by phone. ".

Why this is convenient

  • A wide network of terminals for pick-up
  • The opportunity to come at a convenient time
  • Pick-up of large-sized orders (weight up to 1000kg, maximum dimensions 350x160x180 cm)
  • Storage of orders in the terminal for pick-up - 5 working days (except euro-pallet)
  • Possibility to hand over the tool to a service or get fixed equipment
  • Free SMS notification
  • Tracking delivery status on the website of DPD or on the website of TK Energy

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What are the terms of delivery of orders to the terminal, from which the self-delivery is carried out?

You can get the necessary information by calling toll-free number 8 (800) 700-52-52

2. Where can I find out the cost of delivery for the service "Pick-up from the terminal"?

With the tariffs of the service "Pickup from the terminal" you can find out by clicking on the link or by calling toll-free number 8 (800) 700-52-52

3. Are there restrictions on the weight/size of the goods for delivery to the terminal for self-transportation?

The order, delivered with delivery to the terminal DPD/TK Energia, has restrictions on weight and dimensions: the weight of the order is not more than 1000kg. The dimensions of the order are not more than 350cm x 160cm x 180cm (L x W x D)

4. What happens if I do not have time to pick up my order on time?

Orders are stored in the terminal DPD/TK Energy within 5 working days from the moment of their delivery to the terminal. If you do not have time to pick up the order within the specified period, the order will be returned to the warehouse of Hilti

5. In which cities do terminals of TK Energia work?

You can see where the terminals of the self-delivery are located in the Contacts section

6. Are pick-up terminals available for individuals?

Pick-up terminals are available both for legal entities and for individuals. In both cases, the order must be prepaid


Territorial zones of settlements

Order weight, KG
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
0-5 780 780 780
5-20 1350 1400 1500
20-30 1460 1500 1600

Prices are in rubles, without VAT 



  • Restrictions on the dimensions of the order - weight under 1 000 kg, length no more than 3m
  • The issuance of the orders takes place according to the terminals working schedule. Exact information about the terminals operational time is placed in the Contacts section

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