Hilti Россия 30 лет

Hilti + Russia = 30 years!

Incredible, but true: Hilti began its journey in Russia exactly 30 years ago, back in 1993. During this time we have grown incredibly. Having started in a small Moscow office, where the first employees of the then unknown company in Russia were located, we turned into a recognizable professional brand with a reliable reputation and highly demanded goods and services on the Russian market. In all regions of the country, dozens of our representatives appeared one after another, who were instantly recognized by their branded red shirts, and then by the same bright corporate cars.

During this time, we have managed to build successful partnerships with a huge number of companies and organizations that have become our long-term clients. Together with you all these years we have worked, studied and done everything in our power to build a better future. 30 years later, we remain true to this mission, which we dedicated ourselves to many years ago, at the very beginning of our journey.

In our anniversary year 2023, we decided to celebrate the main milestones of this fascinating trip across Russia, which lasted three decades and thousands of kilometers of roads, which Hilti employees traveled for the sake of a personal meeting with each client. A client with whom we conquered new professional heights, overcame difficulties and made incredible breakthroughs. This is what we will talk about with you this year, recalling the stories of our most important projects with you. Each story from the past is our brick in the creation of the future. After all, they are all directly related to the products and services that Hilti creates for you.

And on the occasion of our 30th anniversary, pleasant surprises await our clients!

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