Effective ways to grow profitability

We developed a methodology of assessing and decreasing construction companies costs that consists of simple but efficient steps:

  • Development of consumables usage norms and implmentation of a control system
  • Increasing productivity by using professional tools and cutting-edge technologies
  • Evaluation and decreasing costs for tool usage and service, reduction of replacement tool park

Let's assess your construction sites costs


Onsite analysis identifies hidden project costs

Diagnostic. Solution. Result.

We helped more than 5000 companies all over the world to find ways to grow profitability and efficiency of construction processes. Hilti specialists will visit your jobsite and analyze its productivity, assess costs of tool park ownership and consumables usage, evaluate effectiveness of your assets management systems. These data will help us develop a detailed report and recommendations for optimization. We will also support you in implementation of this program.

Diagnostic is an investment into your business growth.

Let's start with diagnostic of

Производительности работ


How can you reduce labor costs with innovative technologies? How much do you really pay for your tools?

Rebar doweling in reinforced concrete

Consumables cost

How much can you save with development and implementation of usage norms? Are you purchasing the most cost-efficient products?

Системы учета и контроля

Control and management system

Is your assets and consumables management system efficient?

Just several examples of improvements

Using rebar to fix formwork support

Increase the speed of formwork mounting up to 10 times

Usage of traditional methods of formwork mounting leads to increased costs. Find out how to save on labor and materials - request demo.

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Wall concrete grinding with angle grinder

Cut costs on concrete grinding

Find out how Hilti dust collection systems help increase productivity and save on repairs.

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Diamond coring tools and water management system

Make drilling efficient

Get to know the benefits of diamond drilling innovations at your jobsite.

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