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Quality assurance in concrete anchor installation

A unique ID on every fastener makes the anchor traceable

A heavy-duty anchor in any base material is only as good as its installation quality. Specifiers need to prove that their design delivers on performance, then contractors need to prove that their work matches the design. If you’re tired of this manual, inefficient process, then Hilti can help you upgrade to a fast, automated alternative. 

Traditionally, documentation meant a lot of paperwork: documenting every concrete anchor, screw and bolt as installed by hand. Using a unique ID printed on every fastener, verifying design compliance is as quick as taking a photo with your smartphone. Hilti's tracefast technology offers reliable identification. The unique ID on every fastener makes the fastener traceable back to its origin: it contains the item number, batch number and a serial number. 

Simplified identification and documentation of anchor installations

Hilti HDA undercut anchor with data matrix code

Making every fastener traceable

A data matrix code (DMC) makes every fastener uniquely identifiable and therefore traceable. The DMC unveils a unique ID that contains all relevant information: instructions for use, approvals, technical data. The 25 digit ID even contains the batch and item number so the fastener can be traced back to its manufacturing origin. Simply scan the DMC on the fastener with your smartphone. 

HDA anchor with data matrix code and base plate

Identify what has been installed

Are you able to identify if the specified fastener has been installed? Use the Hilti Connect App to check if the right fastener has been installed. This ability to rapidly identify the fastener, gives you an efficient way to document the installation quality, get access to specific information or to simply verify the installation. 

Standardized documentation process

Standardized documentation

Project documentation becomes more and more important but increases time and complexity as there is no standard process available. The traceable fastener enables the digitization of the manual documentation process. 

Available with HDA undercut anchors

HDA Anchor showing Data Matrix Code

HDA undercut anchor featuring tracefast

Undercut anchors with international approvals for fatigue, fire and nuclear applications - designed for extreme performance and reliability. The code on the fastener ensures quality of the concrete anchor installation, as the code on the anchor unveils all relevant information: IFU, manual, technical data and approval. Simply scan the code with Hilti Connect.

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