BIM (Building Information Modelling) has brought the design, planning and execution of construction projects into the digital age
BIM (Building Information Modelling) has brought the design, planning and execution of construction projects into the digital age

Hilti BIM Services

Design and modelling for a smoother transfer from office to jobsite

BIM (Building Information Modelling) has brought the design, planning and execution of construction projects into the digital age.

Hilti's BIM offering goes beyond just having BIM objects available to download. We have dedicated teams ready to collaborate from design all the way through to construction.

What benefits do Hilti BIM Services bring you?

Piping solution MIQ system for heavy duty applications

Optimized multi-trade MEP supports

Fastening pipes, cables and ducts in multi-trade mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) supports can minimize the space needed and lower material costs for an overall optimized solution.

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Kitting, cutting and pre-assembly

Ready for pre-fabrication

Pre-fabrication services such as cutting, kitting and pre-assembly allow you to minimize your material costs, save labor time and adhere to high quality standards (ISO 9001).

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Which BIM Services do Hilti offer?

On modern jobsites around the world BIM is used to plan pipes, ducts and cables. However, the matching mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) supports are usually not part of the BIM model. Consequently, each trade often defines their own supports, mostly based on experience rather than engineering. 

This is a missed opportunity. Dedicated BIM teams at Hilti can help you to fully harness the potential of end-to-end digitization, from improved collaboration to lower material costs. Expert support is delivered via four main services:

Hilti engineers discussing a MEP project

1. Framework

Set a clear starting point, slicing the project into conceptual – yet optimized – solutions.


  • Project sliced into individual applications
  • Optimized schematic design for MEP supports
  • Hilti service offer for the design services
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Two Hilti engineers collaborating on BIM design

2. Design

Evolve the concepts into designed solutions, defined by individual Bill of Materials and engineering reports.


  • Designed MEP supports (“typicals”)
  • Individual bill of materials and engineering reports
  • Individual clash and exception reports
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A Hilti engineer modelling MEP supports in BIM

3. BIM modelling

Add the designed supports directly into your BIM model and report any issues that may need re-design.


  • MEP supports added to BIM model
  • Report of exceptions (issues)
  • BIM-2-Field data
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Hilti engineer onsite with a customer with shop drawings in the foreground

4. Drawings and bill of materials

For a smoother transfer of the design in the office, to construction on the jobsite.


  • Shop drawings
  • Overview drawings
  • Suggestions for cutting, kitting and pre-assembly services
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Prefer to design and model yourself?

MEP Supports Selector

On the jobsite, with the MEP supports selector, we make it easier for you to choose from the endless list of small components by grouping them into 'Typicals'.

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Design software for Modular Support Systems

In the office, Hilti PROFIS design software helps you to design both simple and complex supports, without additional engineering advice. Plus, you can easily export your designs directly to AutoCAD® or Revit®

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