Hilti screw fastening system for decking sidelap and framing

Decking fasteners

Stand-up screw fastening systems for metal deck (framing and sidelap)

We have two stand-up systems for fastening decking – one a screw fastening solution and the other a direct fastening solution.

They both include stand-up installation tools and a wide range of collated deck screws and nails to fasten decking to bar joists, thick and thin steel, HTU, or other metal.

Both are designed to speed up installation, to be ergonomic and are alternatives to welding.


With the Hilti SDT 9 Stand-up handle there’s little need for bending down.


A battery-powered system helps you to keep mobile, so no need to search for a power supply on the deck.


System works with collated deck screw strips, designed to run continually with less stopping and starting, helping to save time on the jobsite

High loads

Achieve higher loads compared to single standard #10 screws

System includes:

Image of the Hilti SDT 9 Stand-up tool, also known as the Hilti bicycle or pogo stick

SDT 9 Stand-up handle

More comfortable, upright working position that means less bending and downtime due to operator fatigue. Also known as the Hilti ‘bicycle’ and Hilti ‘pogo stick’. Use a Hilti Speed Kit to drive deck screws even faster.

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Image of the Hilti ST 1800-A22 Cordless metal screwdriver

ST 1800-A22 Cordless metal screwdriver

Engineered to balance power and speed – for higher productivity in screwdriving applications like fastening overlapping profile metal sheets for siding and decking (including collated screws).

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Image of a Hilti collated strips of screws

Extensive range of other collated strips and screws

In addition to the ‘Speedy’ screw fastener, we also offer other self-drilling deck screws, such as screws with the ‘Racing Tip’ for higher drilling speed.

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How to set-up

Everything you need to get started with the SDT 9 Stand-up handle, including how to adjust the height and angle of the handles for a more comfortable upright working position, insert the nut setter, mount the ST 1800-A22 screwdriver, swap the nose and replace the magazine. 

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Operator on the metal deck using the Hilti screw fastening system (SDT Stand-up handle) to fasten down the deck

How to use

Once you are up and running, this video explains how to set the nose piece, insert the collated screw strip, adjust the rotating direction, load the first screw, adjust the torque control (if necessary), replace collated screw strips when empty, and more.

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How to troubleshoot

Troubleshooting with easy solutions to common challenges, such as screws not drilling in, removing the strip and assembling the strip guide and inspecting the tool.

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Research and development is at the core of what we do. Ever since our company was founded more than 75 years ago, research and development has driven the design and manufacture of our tools, services and software.

The Hilti SDT 9 and our collated screw strips are just some of the many innovative technologies that have resulted from this commitment.

We run our own engineering Innovation Centers and conduct more research and tests with partners from industry, leading engineering institutes and universities worldwide.

More than two-thirds of our staff work directly with our customers every day, all over the world. So we understand the challenges you’re experiencing and what’s needed on the jobsite.

That’s what our R&D is all about – finding solutions to the problems you face. Our commitment is to help you to be safer, more productive and be able to build with more daring.