Firestop training for engineers

Get specialist insights on legal and design issues for firestop applications

Do you need to design passive fire protection? Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of compliant solutions? Sign up with our training platform for our e-learning modules. Or choose our interactive small group sessions with a virtual reality component for learning that stays with you.

What's included in the e-Learning?

Modules cover everything from general firestop principles to product and application details

The e-learning takes around 180 minutes to complete. Topics include:

  • Importance of firestop design  
  • Expert insights into firestop regulatory framework including impact of local codes and approvals 
  • Comprehensive introduction to specific products and applications (mechanical or electrical and mixed) 
  • Information on passive fire protection in wood

Test your knowledge at the end of every module with a quiz. Once you have completed the training, you'll receive a certificate.

What's included in the face-to-face training?

Boost your firestop design skills with expert-led sessions and virtual reality content

Sessions last four hours and include:

  • Insights into firestop challenges. Experience realistic scenarios and practice applying firestop designs in a virtual reality environment 
  • Tips on avoiding common pitfalls with codes and approvals
  • Advanced firestop design for compliant fire protection solutions in electrical, mechanical, mixed and wood applications
  • Case study exercises on best practices in passive firestop design 

Simpler engineering judgements

Have a unique firestop application? Don't let that slow you down. With our online service, you can submit, track and store engineering judgement (EJ) requests for penetrations, joints or perimeter fire barrier (edge of slab) applications digitally.

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Firestop expertise at your fingertips

Swap long, complex firestop approvals for more efficient project completion. With the Hilti Firestop Selector, firestop professionals can plan, install and manage compliant firestop projects in just a few clicks.

Get advice from fellow engineers

Our online engineering community, Ask Hilti, offers education and webinars on technical topics from anchor design to green building. Or reach out to our engineers for expert advice on your challenges.

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