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Stay up to date with the latest international codes and approvals automatically

Easily design, calculate and analyze multiple connection types, including anchoring to concrete, masonry, concrete-over-metal deck, concrete to concrete for post-installed rebar design and diaphragm design for metal deck attachments

Free version available for everyday structural connections

Save hours of research time as the software automatically updates to the latest versions of international codes and approvals, including: ACI, CSA, Eurocode, Australian Standards and many others

Import from structural analysis software and export to BIM and CAD

PROFIS Engineering Standard gives you free access to all the application modules and allows you to generate detailed, step-by-step calculation and design reports, and design post-installed or cast-in-place anchors

Improve productivity with advanced anchor and baseplate design features

With PROFIS Engineering Premium, import loads from Excel or directly from other structural analysis software programs (e.g. RISAConnection, RAM Structural System, STAAD.Pro, SAP2000, ETABS, Robot, Revit, and Dlubal RFEM and RSTAB) and export your final designs in 2D and 3D to integrate them into your standard BIM and CAD programs

Improve productivity with advanced anchor and baseplate design features

With PROFIS Engineering Premium, use CBFEM (Component-based Finite Element Method) to design your full baseplate connection, including calculations for anchors, stiffeners, welds, profiles and concrete

Streamlined steel deck designs with new Diaphragm Design module

Design with multiple fastener types, compare fastening methods side by side and select the best solution for your metal decking projects with the new Diaphragm Design module - helping you optimise your fastening patterns and save design time

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Will change your understanding of the design of support nodes

PROFIS Engineering

We are pleased to inform you about our breakthrough in the field of software for designing an attachment point for metal elements to concrete based on STO 36554501-048-2016 * "Anchor fastenings to concrete", SP 16.13330.2011 and SP 63.13330.2012

  • Complete Solution

    Calculation of the support node, taking into account the rigidity and interaction of all its elements

    With a clear conscience

    Calculation of anchors according to STO STO 36554501-048-2016 * "Anchor fastenings to concrete" and a detailed report with formulas

    Speed ​​and confidence

    Importing load combinations from third-party software and identifying the defining load combination ensures the efficiency and reliability of the design solution

    Easy and fast data exchange

    Share relevant data throughout the construction phase with Hilti Cloud

    Instant export

    Transfer the necessary data directly to the BIM or CAD model

    Convenient generation of specifications

    Generate a specification or place your order on the Hilti website in a few clicks

    Intuitive interface

    Designed and created by designers for designers. Easy to understand and provides maximum information


    The Hilti team is always ready to help you with any task


Engineer / Accountant

Your calculations and results will comply with the requirements of Russian and European regulations.

Designer / Constructor

The function of automatic data transfer to BIM or CAD model will save you time on entering and manually comparing specifications.


Automated ordering with BOM transfer saves you time and minimizes errors.

Installer / Foreman

Accurate installation schemes will allow you to quickly and efficiently build building structures. Boost efficiency by accessing the most up-to-date information right from your smartphone.


Do the forces perceived by the anchor group change when considering the flexibility of the plate and stiffeners?


Then how to perform fastening calculation taking into account the parameters of steel support elements and anchors, not only quickly, but also in accordance with Russian design standards?

If you've been asking yourself these questions and more, watch our webinar where we'll cover:

  • Methods for calculating anchor fastenings in concrete
  • Processes for identifying the defining design combination of efforts
  • Influence of deformations of the supporting node of the column on the resulting forces
  • Comprehensive calculation of the column support node in Hilti PROFIS Engineering