Automate your Purchase-to-Pay process with Hilti

Hilti B2B e-procurement

Hilti B2B eProcurement links our Hilti systems directly to your own.

We offer a range of solutions, which automate your procurement process from quotations to invoicing – helping to speed up your order lifecycle, simplify administrative tasks and get your products delivered faster.


We offer several ways to link your e-procurement process with Hilti.

Data exchange

Direct EDI Connection

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a direct link between your system and Hilti. It’s particularly useful if you’re a frequent customer.

EDI supports several transactions including Order, OrderResp, ShipNote and Invoice. It’s also available in a range of formats, such as SNSI, X12, cXML and iDoc.

Digital procurement ecosystems

Digital procurement ecosystems facilitate the connection between our systems at Hilti and your own. They offer a fast track for connectivity, help you to manage your purchase-to-pay process on one platform and offer several options for buying, ranging from e-marketplaces to EDI.

At Hilti we work with a vast network of digital procurement ecosystem partners, both locally and internationally, including Ariba®, SciQuest®, SupplyOn, Symbrio, GHX, OSN and Hubwoo. We are constantly connecting new partners so that you can connect with us via your preferred ecosystem.

Email ordering

If you prefer ordering via email, we can also speed up your order by converting your email into an automated order.

Data sourcing

Punchout/OCI link to Hilti Website

If you’d like to buy directly from Hilti Online, we can link to your system with Punchout/OCI. This transfers your Hilti shopping cart directly into your procurement system, helping to simplify your purchasing.


You can also get a customized electronic product catalog with your net pricing in the most popular formats like MS Excel, BMEcat, XML etc.


Hilti B2B e-procurement

Our B2B eProcurement solutions are designed to simplify administrative processes from quotation to invoicing:

  • Productivity and reduce costs
    Place purchase orders directly within your own system, no need to call, email or fax. Invoices are automatically created and matched to delivery and purchase orders.
  • Cost transparency
    There’s no need for quotes – product information and your pricing is immediately available.
  • Spend management
    Organize your process to see and track what you’re spending.
  • Control
    Get help to gain greater control over your purchasing and billing process.
  • Order lifecycle
    An integrated Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process can help to speed up your order lifecycle.


If you’d like help to choose the best solution for your company, contact your local Hilti team. We’re always happy to help.

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Electronically submitting orders reduces errors and speeds up order processing.

“The Rollins and Hilti EDI integration through the Ariba network allowed us to gain significant benefits across the procurement and billing processes. Our custom Hilti eCatalog on Ariba makes it easy for us to browse Hilti’s product portfolio and gain price transparency prior to placing orders. Electronically submitting orders reduces errors and speeds up order processing. EDI order confirmations and advance ship notifications improve our tracking and provide supply chain visibility. Finally, EDI invoice transmitting dramatically reduces the workload for our AP department by eliminating the need for manual processing, reducing reconciliations, saving on paper and helping speed up payment lead time.”

Barbara Peek, Manager of Supplier Relationships, Procurement Services, Rollins Inc.

“eB2B communication is one of the key functions between Hilti and The Home Depot. The ability to submit and receive purchase orders through electronic data interchange eliminates the need for manual order entries, reduces errors, prevents lost POs, and speeds up the overall order processing time and accuracy. The advanced shipping notice alerts The Home Depot stores of the inbound shipment and reduces the number of phone calls made to Hilti regarding delivery details. Electronic invoicing eliminates the need for paper invoices and reduces the payment lead time to Hilti. Well-functioning EDI process results in significant efficiency improvements and cost reduction over time.”

Stan Dudka, associate merchant – Tool Rental, The Home Depot