Design manuals for modular support systems

Hilti technical literature
  • Hilti plumbing installations technical manual

    Installations technical manual – Typical plumbing applications

    How do you design, select and install typical plumbing applications? Here you will find all you need to know about loading capacity, base material limitations as well as general design rules for typical situations, etc.

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    Hilti corrosion brochure

    Corrosion brochure

    How do you select suitable corrosion protection for fasteners and modular support systems in common applications and typical atmospheric environments?

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    Hilti seismic design manual

    Installation technical manual – Seismic design

    The perfect tool for companies, technical consultants and designers . This is a quick and easy consultation for defining and pre-dimensioning seismic solutions for mechanical, electrical and ventilation systems. Based on NTC2008 and Eurocodes, it provides support from the definition of seismic activity to the verification of typology. It also helps to prepare effective seismic measurements without having to perform complex engineering calculations.

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