How much do your tools really cost?

Price is just the top of an iceberg

Purchase cost is just a tiny fraction of actual expenses on usage and ownership of your tools during their lifetime. Statistics show that service and repair costs can equal to not one but two purchase prices of a new tool.

Our tool services

We cover your costs

Free repair up to 2 years

We have a unique service offering because we cover all costs for tool repair up to 2 years after the purchase.

Why you don't have to worry about repair costs with us? We created a unique service infrastructure to get your tools back to your jobsite as fast as possible. We have our own hi-tech service centers that are always equipped with spare parts and staffed by professional technicians. 97% of all repairs are done within the day of a tool arrival to the service center.

Entrust your tool park management to us

And focus on your business

Fleet Management simplifies financial planning and administration. One fixed monthly payment covers all your tool park including usage, repairs and service. No more hidden costs! For your convinience we offer you replacement tools and an option of shor-term rent of additional tools for peak work periods.

Управляйте вашим парком эффективно

Control everything

With digital solutions

Hilti ON!Track is a comprehensive assets management system that helps you monitor, control, analyse and increase efficiency of usage of equipment, tools and materials on construction and manufacturing jobsites.

With ON!Track you will know exactly where your assets are located, who is responsible for them and what requires servicing.

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