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Over 75 years we've been helping construction companies increase their profitability and deal with main business challenges - stay within projects timelines and budgets. Everyday contacts with our partners helped us identify opportunities to grow profitability of construction projects, such as increasing productivity and cutting operational costs of construction processes.

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On time. Within the budget.

What impacts your projects' profitability

We conducted a survey among 100 leading construction companies and identified what they consider crucial to grow profitability and stay competitive. One of the key factors is cutting their own costs linked to low productivity, downtime and inefficient use of materials.

Lack of regulations of consumables consumption increases costs by 30-40%, while purchase of unprofessional equipment leads to 1,5-2 times higher expenses for service and replacement tools. Did you think about possible solutions?

How we can help

Technology. Consulting. Services.

Hilti today is more than just tools of the highest quality. Find out how our consulting services help you cut costs and increase your business efficiency.

Get inspired by Hilti innovations that grow your productivity. Get to know our services to manage your fleet, control your assets and minimize costs of tools ownership and usage.