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Fleet Management

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Fleet Management is an innovative service that makes any necessary equipment and its maintenance available to you at no additional cost. A single monthly payment includes all the expenses. 

Make money not from having the equipment but from using it as efficiently as possible. 


70 %

due to the necessity to look for tools and materials
cost overrun

75 %

in the use of equipment and consumables
are lost every year

24 tools

are lost every year
on average due to lack of transparency

10 %

are unserviceable

15 %

are used as a reserve

1,5 years

and most of the tool fleet
has to be replaced with new tools

45 minutes

of the working time is lost
if a tool breaks down right at the job site

4 reasons to choose Fleet Management

The tooling costs account for a small portion of the total construction costs but its use directly affects the productivity, work completion time and payrolls. Assemble your Hilti tool fleet at a minimal initial cost and with protection from external and internal theft.

Costs reduction

Boost your business efficiency

Equipment fleet control

Manage your fixed assets

Capital management

Ensure free cash flow


Access to innovative products

Be ahead of your time with the new technologies

Costs reduction

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Costs forecast

A fixed monthly payment under the Fleet Management program makes the budgeting process simpler and covers any equipment use costs for a period of up to three years.

Lower administrative costs

Just one invoice to be paid per month without additional agreements and repair invoices and regardless of the equipment fleet size makes the administration cost lower.

Extended maintenance services

Only for Fleet Management customers the Hilti Lifetime Service is extended for the entire period of the tools use and includes free delivery. The Fleet Management program makes the repair process easier and clearer and optimizes time, administrative and monetary resources.

Equipment fleet control


Clear identification

Each Fleet Management tool has an individual label containing the name and logo of your company as well as the tool exchange date. For your convenience, we will also add the name of the project for which the tool was purchased and the name of the designated person, which allows you to optimize the equipment relocation tracking.

Complete overview of the equipment fleet

All the up-to-date information about the equipment under the Fleet Management program is available in your Hilti Online profile. You have a 24-hour access to a full list of available tools including the expiration date of the tool use period, tool exchange date, time when the tool was used at the site and name of the designated person. You can place an order 24 hours a day 7 days a week without signing any additional agreements. Use your Hilti Online profile at any convenient time to order adhesive labels, hand in the equipment for repair or report a theft of tools.

Access to innovations

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30% productivity reduction when using old tools

Maximum performance

Thanks to the tool exchange service you always use a tool at the peak of its productivity and get access to a technologically updated product line before the equipment performance starts deteriorating.

High occupational safety standards

The use of tools that meet modern requirements prevents workplace accidents involving deteriorated equipment.

Capital management

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Saves company resources for continued growth

Increased return on equity

You do not have to take a large amount of funds out of circulation, thus getting the opportunity to invest in your business growth.

Prevention of exposure to exchange rate fluctuations

Fleet Management allows you to plan and manage your budget accurately based on fixed monthly payments. The amount of your monthly payments will not change during the 3 years of the contract.

Financial performance monitoring

Maintenance of your company bankability level through managing the debt to equity ratio.

Tax burden optimization

Reduction of the income tax payable by the company because the payments under the Fleet Management programs are recognized as expenses.

Additional advantages

Theft protection

External theft

If a tool was stolen you may cover only 20% of the remaining payments. You are required to provide a document confirming that you have reported the theft to the police. 80% of all the payments is covered by us.

Internal theft or loss of a tool

The asset management system will solve this problem. And then you will pay 60%, 40% or 20% of your monthly payments for year 1, 2 or 3 respectively. On average, this is the residual value of a lost tool, which is usually charged as a fine to the employee through whose fault the tool was lost.

Find out more about the Asset Management System

Short-term lease

Peak loads

At times of peak loads you will always be able to lease extra tools from us for a short term. This way you reduce your replacement tools fleet while completing the task as efficiently as possible.

Consultation on Fleet Management

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