Increasing productivity in mining

Faster, safer and more cost-effective solutions for mine sites

We offer a large range of solutions for key applications in the mining industry, including high-performance anchors, cable trays, piping and electrical supports, gratings and fire stop systems among others. Hilti applications are supplied in different materials in order to adapt to the wide range of environmental conditions and levels of corrosion present in the mine site. Our reliable and innovative modular support systems, in conjunction with high performance power tools, can reduce installation times and ensure quicker future modifications of the system (if required). Higher quality integrated system solutions have significantly increased productivity of our clients globally, both during construction and maintenance, ensuring construction and maintenance projects are faster, safer and more cost effective.


Cable tray and cable ladder supports

Modular solution designed for flexible integration of electrics, HVAC and piping

Hilti modular cable tray and cable ladder supports give you a flexible alternative to cumbersome heavy-load cable trays or waterfall supports. Faster to install and easier to modify, the Hilti MT system allows you to integrate multiple systems such as electrical, HVAC and piping. They also make late design changes of cable routing simpler to apply. Stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic solutions are particularly suited to the corrosive mining environment. PROFIS software with modular plug-ins for 3D modeling also help you to design more robust cable tray and cable ladder systems with the correct type approvals.

Non-critical process piping supports

Swap welding for modular pipe supports and boost operational flexibility

As mining facilities are built, extended or reconfigured, you need to install a whole range of non-critical MEP piping. Traditionally, the industry has relied on welded pipe supports that are not only unnecessarily heavy and require hot work, but also slow to install and difficult to adjust. Hilti modular pipe support systems make it much simpler to fit and re-fit small pipes to a structure, giving you flexibility across every project and a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, you can work up to 20 percent faster when you install anchors with an impact wrench fitted with an adaptive torque module.

Grating fastening

Solutions designed for fast installation – including in corrosive environments

Mining operators rely on grating systems, but traditional methods of fixing checker plates are cumbersome. Multi-piece clamps are slow to install, easy to drop and loosened by vibration. Welding is dangerous, requires hot work permits and can demand lengthy post-work. By contrast, Hilti grating fasteners can be more quickly installed by just one person from the top of the grating. In addition, they can be more easily removed for maintenance work. Blunt-tipped grating fasteners for corrosive environments help prevent paint penetration, reducing the need for touch-up work after installation.

Anchoring secondary structures

Broad portfolio of mechanical and chemical anchors with a range of approvals

Anchoring secondary structures at mining facilities can be complex. Variables such as cracked concrete, corrosive environments and overhead installation require robust solutions. Hilti is your full anchoring solutions provider, providing a broad range of mechanical and chemical post-installed anchors, all with type approvals for fastening to concrete in different situations. Our tools make anchor layout and installation faster and simpler, while PROFIS anchor software help you select the right solution – giving you more confidence, security and trust for each application.


Safer, non-weld solutions for connecting to the earthing grid of mining facilities

Grounding, earthing and bonding are challenging activities in mining facilities. Hilti offers more lightweight, smaller and safer solutions in relevant grades of steel for grounding, earthing and bonding in any type of corrosion-sensitive environment. Removing the need for welding and hot works, we offer a faster, more effective method of connecting equipment, piping and other metal structures to the earthing grid of the mining facility to ensure electrical safety. Grounding can be done using a lightweight, powder-actuated fastening tool using threaded studs, saving you time usually spent on grinding, welding and touch-up work.


Tools and post-installed anchors for more precise anchoring in mines

When building or extending mining facilities, cast-in rebar has major limitations. Issues like rebar displacement or bending can cause problems with installation precision. Hilti post-installed anchors can solve these issues when used as an alternative to structural rebar, doweling and rebar that is used for anchoring. Our post-installed anchors not only have type approvals for corrosive environments, but – depending on the adhesive used – their strength may be significantly higher than cast-in anchors. Diamond coring tools and inserts also make it simpler to achieve hammer-free drilling of precisely positioned holes for heavy duty anchors and reinforcing bars.

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To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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